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Mar 18, 2013 6:00pm PDT
support of same-sex marriage made him radio active to john kerry's campaign, now, democratic contenders are lining up behind this on that issue. >> pop singer michelle shock launched into a rant against same-sex marriage last night, shocking her audience. here is a quote of one of the things she said about halfway through the show according to the san francisco chronicle two thirds of the audience walked out. today a tavern in novato cancelled her appearance next week. refunds beginning to arrive for cans of cat williams who walked off stage decuring a performance in oakland last fall. >> the controversy over this is far from over. >> laila idollizes cat williams but she says what happened left her sad. >> he was insulting the crowd and making fun of us saying like, oh, we're, i have your money, ha, ha, you can't get it back now. >> this video shows security pulling williams off stage just as he is getting into a skrimish with an audience member. the fan says williams walked on and off several times, each time, throwing out insults but he joked. >> we kept thinking it's a tease everybod
Mar 17, 2013 6:00pm PDT
at the muffler shop. michael lives in the area and knows the. >> john: -- knows the johnson family. the didn't hassle -- >> marcus was a sweet kid. and i know that his dad loved him very much. >> probably the best person to be around most of the time. he was always nice and nice to talk to. reporter: michael said is sat but will continue to race. johnson had his own close call two years ago, his car flipped over during a race but johnson was unhurt. chase johnson was not hurt in the accident, and no one else on the racetrack was injured. thual ya -- the shakes -- sheriff's department is investigating. >> new tonight at 6:00, four people suffered minor injuries after a small pickup truck slammed into a thrift store in vallejo this afternoon. firefighters evacuated at least 40 people from the store. the impact knocked out a large portion of the store's front doors and windows. and also sent merchandise flying. >> right now we have a building engineer evaluating for structural damage and we have a contractor coming out to shore it up and make repairs. >> carolyn: paramedics treated the driver.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2